Online Website Backup Recovery

Website Backup in the Cloud

Did you know that most hosting companies do not backup your website, so if your website goes down chances are you’ve lost all your files. Now your web designer or you might have a backup of it but it may not be a recent backup so you have to go in and update it again and that is provided that you remember everything that you did.

Why Backup Your Website… Here is an example as to what can happen if your website should get hacked: 

Recently we started working with a new client that had an existing website (Joomla). They had us do updates to the site that happened to be residing on their own server. Unfortunately they did not have the FTP information for me to back up their website which I had asked for several times. I warned them that there was a possibility of being hacked,  and sure enough it happened. They lost their entire website so they hired me to rebuild it which was a cost they did not need to incur had they been protected.

Their website was over 100 pages so it took a little bit of time to get it back up with a fresh new look. Now they are using Sucuri Security for both the monitoring service as well as their backup service. This is a sigh of relief for them, because they know that they have their site backed up for at least 90 days should they need it.

Sucuri Security offers a backup service in the cloud but you must be signed up for their monitoring service to purchase website backup service.  It is done automatically either daily, weekly, etc. and once the service is setup there is nothing more for you to do other than be assured that your site is safe and backed up in the cloud.

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