Does your website make sense?

What I mean by that question is does it make sense when someone comes to your website looking for your services. When they do come to your site you only have seconds to capture them or they will move onto another company that offers the same services that you do.

At a quick glance these are things to think about:

Does it navigate well?

Is it an updated website, or is it several years old?

Does it have good content and images or even a video on the homepage that really explains what you do?

Is your content fresh or do you have the same content all the time?

Do you have enough information on each page for people to find you?

Is your website mobile friendly, or also known as responsive? More and more people are using their mobile devices whether it be a smart phone or tablet to search for your services on the Internet?

Is your website properly optimized for the search engines so that you can be in a good place for people to find you?

These are just a few of the things to think about in regard to your website. Think of your website as a brochure for your products and/or services that you should keep updated for those that are searching for your website. Except that in many cases they can get immediate satisfaction by purchasing your products or services depending on what they are right away.

This is just a tidbit of what we look at when we are discussing a new website design for our clients. Whether it is a redesign or a brand-new site these and many other areas need to be considered.

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