Website Security & Protection

In most cases your website is vital to the success of your business. What most website owners do not realize is how prone their site might be to security risks.

Potential Website Security Breach Scenarios

If your website has been hacked it can be anything from:

  • A malware virus has been installed to your website so that if anyone visits your website it will automatically download that virus into their computer and steal information.
  • Your website has taken over by a hacker and is being pointed to a porn site
  • Even worse that it deletes all of your files and you don't have a backup.
  • Your website is on a shared server, and your hosting company does not make sure to check for intrusions thus another website could infectt that entire server including yours.
  • Google has blacklisted your website.
  • And there's more.

How Can We Help Protect Your Website

Be proactive.  Let us review your website to see if it is clean and then make recommendations on how to increase its security.

Some of which would include:

  • Website Monitoring Service
  • Daily or weekly file and database backup
  • If you have a WordPress site, updating platform and plugins

If Your Website Has Been Hacked

We can definitely help.  Contact us right away so we can see what we can do to get it fixed.  Click Here

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