What is a Mobile Responsive Website

A mobile website is also referred to as a responsive website design that basically adjusts your website content and frame to what device is viewing it.  From PC, to tablet to smart phone they will be able to easily read and navigate through it without any issues because your website will adjust to their screen.

Unlike most standard websites being viewed on a mobile device is usually difficult to read and navigate around.

The way it works is that if someone goes to your website from their mobile device, it will recognize that it is a mobile device and it will automatically adjust to your mobile website.

When a responsive website design is done correctly, it will have many of the same functionality as your main website including the ability to make purchases.

Mobile websites can also be optimized for the search engines to help increase traffic for your business. If you are considering a new website or redesign your existing one, then please ask us what it will take to also create a responsive website for you.

Something to think about

When was the last time you used the yellow pages?  If you are like most of us, its been a while.  It has been found that 97% of the people search the internet to find the products and services they want, and over 70% do it from their mobile devices.

That is why having a smart, eye appealing easy to navigate responsive (mobile) website is key to the success of your online business.

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