WordPress Maintenance Services

If you currently have a WordPress website and it needs to be updated, such as adding an image or changing text or fixing a page, editing a theme and you do not want to do it yourself, we can help. Unlike other maintenance services, we assist website owners that just need to have editing done or to troubleshoot any issues that may be happening with your website. 

No Monthly Fees

It will just be based on what you would like done, estimated time to complete and then we will give a quote.

Some of what we can do for you:

  • Upload and resize images
  • Edit, replace, or change text
  • Install or remove plugins
  • Increase Website Security
  • Update logo
  • Add a Gallery
  • Add, remove or restrict access for a users
  • Install a membership program
  • Install & Setup a Directory
  • Install & setup Google Analytics
  • Set Up an SSL
  • backup and restore
  • Code changes
  • Check website for malware
  • Troubleshoot website and server errors
  • And more…

If you are in need of having maintenance done to your website, please fillout the form here or call us directly at (303) 335-7955.

WordPress Training

We have found that there are website owners that have a WordPress website and were initially trained by their web designer, and they forgot what they were taught, or they were never trained. Not to worry, we can schedule a training for you on “your website” so that you can see exactly how to maintain, edit, and update your site.

Training will include:

  • Admin Login & Logout
  • Back admin Overview
  • How to create a blog post
  • Pages Overview
  • How to edit a page or post
  • Learn how to add links (inbound or outbound)
  • How to add an image
  • Importance of resizing images
  • User overview
  • How to add a User
  • How to set User Editing Restrictions

If you are in need of WordPress Training for your website, please fillout the form here or call us directly at (303) 335-7955.