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I Highly Recommend Simple Website Services

Victor Torres has handled our website design, maintenance, updates, search optimization, back-up, and security for years. He is a pleasure to work with. He is really nice, smart, experienced, reasonably priced, responsive, and does great work.

It made me really happy when my friend called me last night and ran our website analytics while we were talking.  He would be far more likely to offer tips and improvement advice, but he was blown away by the job you did.  He also couldn’t believe how high we came up in searches he ran and attributed a lot of that to the original organic content I’ve written and the videos I’ve done.  I’ll do another soon as it’s been over a year since I’ve written an original article or made a video.  My friend is in real estate, and he’s working the FSBO market out in Florida.   I told him we rule it here.  He didn’t believe me until he ran some FSBO searches in Google.  We always come up 1st and  usually 2nd  too and sometimes third in any FSBO search involving Colorado and Denver.  We make the first page in 5th or 6th position (of actual title companies) when you just search “title company and Denver”.  That’s pretty amazing when you consider we’re a fraction of the size of probably 2 dozen companies we beat.  I have the best web designer.

– Michael Selinfreund, Cherry Creek Title


We Used to Have a Terrible Website

We went to Simple Website Services to help us with our terrible website that was not bringing in any business. Victor was able to rebuild the site into something very professional and effective. We knew very little about website building and Victor took the time to explain everything to us and he kept us updated throughout the entire process. Victor is very knowledgeable with Google and its guidelines. We have seen a huge growth in business because of his SEO work and we are able to now reach more customers. Simple Website Services has done a great job helping us set our business apart from our competition, we highly recommend them to anyone.

– Perfect Turf

Great Website Design Services

We have really enjoyed working with Simple Website Services. Victor has been very helpful with the process of building a website for our buisiness. Throughout the process he has designed a professional, user friendly and informative website . Victor has done an outstanding job with our search engine optimization which has brought a lot of clients to us. We really appreciate how Simple Website Services went above and beyond with us by providing quality design and suggestions on how to effectively market our business. Our construction company is growing and reaching more clients than we ever thought was possible. Victor has great customer service and is extremely skilled. We highly recommend Simple Website Services!”

– DeYoung Brothers Construction

They have done Two Websites for Us

Victor Torres, of Simple Website Services, has done two websites for me. After the first one, where he met all of my requirements and then some, it was a no-brainer to hire him for the second! The websites are attractive and innovative and most importantly, have brought us new business…from all over the world! He is a man of high integrity and reliability, delivers what he says he will, when he says he will and within the budget outlined. I cannot recommend him more highly!

– BYG Promotions, Greg & Yolanda Bruce

Linda Worhach, ReMax Realtor

I have all praise and gratitude for Victor Torres! From Victor’s taking over my web site it has been efficient and extremely professional. My site is eye catching and user friendly. He makes a quality product, great service at a great price. Best SEO Ever! Thank you so much!

– Linda Worhach

Four Websites that were not Mobile Friendly

I have had 4 WordPress websites for years but they were not mobile friendly. Other people helped me with them in the past but I wanted some really excellent. I am very happy that I found Victor. He did a superb job of converting my websites to mobile friendly, and also made other suggestions and improvements that have made a huge difference. As a result, they are much more attractive and effective. Also, Victor is a wizard at knowing which free plugs in to use that are superb and update automatically. He also helped with SEO in a simple yet effective way. He also knows a lot about website security. My sites are much more secure now. By the way if your websites are not in WordPress format, Victor will tell you why WordPress is the best choice.

– Don Simon

208 Window Cleaning

Victor with Simple Website Services redid my site for me with a mobile responsive layout. I am very pleased with the results that i got, very clean layout. I would highly recommend Simple Website Services.

– Doug H.