Search Engine Optimization

Making your website relevant with the search engines is what we strive for.  We do that by using SEO techniques to increase a website’s search engine presence organically instead of having to pay for it.  When done properly, it will include using relevant page content, related keywords and phrases, inner-page linking, meta-tag insertion and more.

In today’s world Search Engine Optimization also means utilizing good social media techniques and practices over and above what we do to your website.  We will also make recommendations on how best to do this.

At Simple Website Services, we provide premium SEO services that focuses on increasing exactly that, and we do it all at an affordable price.

SEO Steps We Take to Make Your Website Relevant

Whenever we optimize a website for our clients we use specific tools that help us determine the correct narrow terms for your industry, add them to your website so when people do a search for those terms they will find your website. We also make sure that your meta-tag percentage to on-page content is above 90% so that the search engines will start ranking your website higher.

Also, before starting the process we run a test on how your website ranks with certain keywords with the search engines so that we can run another one after we have completed the optimization so you can see where you were before versus after.

If you’re ready to be found on the web, schedule a consultation so we can discuss how best to optimize your website.  Please click on the button below to email us, or call us directly at (303) 335-7955.

Why Us

We have been building websites since 2006 and the majority of the business we get is from referrals. We believe that the reason for this is because we listen to what our customers want from a website, then make it happen, and we provide them with the customer service they deserve.

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