Time to update your website at a Great Price in 2022!

If you have a WordPress website and want to update it, then chances are the cost to do a fresh new layout could be relatively inexpensive to do. We have had tremendous success rebuilding existing websites, that just needed to get a updated theme installed and customized.

Here is what we do

After we have had a chance to discuss with you as to what you want us to do to your website will determine how we will go about redesigning it.

Next, we will need to log into the back end of your WordPress website to make sure that there are no unusual programs or coding issues that could make it difficult to upload a new theme. In most cases that is not the case.

Once it is determined that we can do it and you decide that is the direction you want to go, we will make a copy of your existing website, so it does not interfere with the current one and start building it in either our project server or on your server.

This is when the fun begins

We will collaborate and brainstorm with you as to what you would like us to do for you. Basically, the key areas that we care about are the header and footer and the layout of the home page. We then may have additional recommendations for your other pages as far as layout and content, and we may have recommendations, that you can do to help improve your websites look and visibility with the search engines.

Another item to think about when a theme is being used and then customized, is to make sure that it does not have a lot of what I call garbage that could potentially slow down your website or make it difficult to do updates. We always make sure that we are using the latest any easiest themes for our customers.

From there, we are able to upload the theme in your project site, and then start customizing to your preferred requirements. All of your content is still on the pages so we don’t need to reload them and that’s where the savings comes into you. Unless you’re doing drastic changes, it’s really that simple.

There are a lot of other stages involved in building out your website, but we wanted to explain how you can save money and give your website a fresh new responsive design for your customers in you.

What would it cost for us to do this to your website

It could be as little as $500; it depends on the number of pages and how much we need to customize each page will determine the cost.

If you would like to discuss with this on redesigning your existing WordPress website, please give us a call at 303-335-7955, or you can click here to email us directly.

Victor Torres, Website Developer
Simple Website Services