Putting a New Face on your WordPress Website Inexpensively

The great part of having a WordPress website is that it is extremely flexible, a stable content management system that offers a wide array of features. The design starts with a theme that can be changed relatively easy if your web developer knows what they are doing.

What is a WordPress Theme

Find your WordPress Theme

It is one of the main components for your website’s overall look and design. In most cases your web designer used a free or purchased theme and from there they customized it using a combination of code and/or a website builder to create the current layout of your site. Your website theme works in conjunction with plugins some of which are free or paid for which also contribute to the layout of your site.

There is a lot more to how a website works, including content, images, galleries, shopping cart, etc. but these are the basics of how a WordPress website functions.

To find out what Theme you are using on your WordPress website, login to admin and then click on appearance then Themes. The first theme shown that has “Active” is your theme. Usually there are at least one other themes in there as well but do not switch them to your Active theme because it will cause your website to no longer work correctly.

How to Save Money When Redesigning Your WordPress Website

Redesigning Your WordPress Website

Depending on how your current site was built, chances are that a theme change can be done without having to do a complete redesign saving a lot of time and money. It would require a replacement of the current theme, customizing it, adding a page builder (if needed), create a fresh new custom home page, header, footer, and certain relative pages.

To do this, it is important that the web designer has a full understanding of how WordPress works, and that they have the skills to do what is needed to be accomplished here. Including being creative and using all of the tools necessary to build a fresh new site in combination with your current website. That includes all of your current content, as well as any new information that needs to be added.

The savings happens because of the amount of time to upload all of the content, images, videos, certain plugins that are part of your website is greatly reduced. Again, it all depends on how your WordPress website was built. We are experienced with doing this type of website redesign and would be happy to see if this savings can be applied to your website.

Does Your Website Fit This Type of Redesign

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Victor Torres, Website Developer
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